Lucas "The Bully Stomper" Midlash

Stage Name: Lucas the Bully Stomper
Real Name: Lucas Midlash
Hails From: Joliette, Quebec, Canada

Profession: Motivational Speaker / Rapper / Musician  / Listener / Helper


Lucas the Bully Stomper is a motivational rapper and speaker. He creates positive rap songs that speak about bullying, self harm, pollution, and much more. Lucas the Bully Stomper also lends an ear and gives advice to kids, teenagers and adults who have problems. Lucas the Bully Stomper is dedicated to helping others while using his words. Lucas's positive message is traveling across the world.

A Note from the President:

 "Lucas is a young man who is doing his part to spread positive messages in the world. It's hard to stand up for what's right and empowering others but Lucas pushes on with his message. Chugg Lyfe believes in spreading love, not hate, and empowering each other to handle life's issues so we are proud to be working with Lucas as he builds his brand and becomes the face of our popular PuppyFace Collection."

lucas the bully stomper in Chugg Lyfe apparel  lucas the bully stomper wearing Puppyface apparel

Connect with Lucas:

Instagram: LucastheBullyStomper
YouTube: Lucas Midlash
Snapchat: BullyStomper02