Brendan "King. B" Hamel

Stage Name: King. B
Real Name: Brendan Hamel
Hails From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Profession: Rapper
Other:  Director, Actor, Producer, Marketer, Model


Over the last three years, Montreal-born rapper Brendan “King. B” Hamel has launched his musical career in an astounding and impressive way. In the three years between the recording of his first song “Acceptance” at age fifteen, and his record launch in May of 2016, he went from tentative beginner to musical professional.

His first song, “Acceptance” was an uplifting number about the importance of equality.  The message was an inspiring one: It’s ok to be gay, depressed, or different. Although it lacked the professional techniques apparent in King. B’s current recordings, the message was a strong and inspiring one. Although he faced mockery and bullying amongst his peers, and on social media, it did not stop King. B on his path to greatness. A year later, he released “Confidence,” his first single. This positive song showed that he was not brought down by the negativity. 

After his first single was released, Carl Hamel, Brendan’s father and an active member of the music industry, became involved in his son’s career. The two Hamel men’s collaboration makes for diverse music because they are inspired by so many different genres: house music, EDM, pop, rock, and many other influences can be heard in King B’s music. 


A Note from the President:

 "Brendan's tenacity with his music career along with his dedication to his education, life, and fans is what made TSOJL (and in junction, Chugg Lyfe) want to collaborate with him. We love his use of his platform to promote positive messages and change lives. We are proud to be working with King. B as he builds his brand and becomes one of the faces of Chugg Lyfe."



King. B News: 

King. B X Chris Hoather - CRUSH (Soul Ties Part 1/3)

King. B X Young EZ - DROPTOP (Soul Ties Part 2/3)

First Semester - EP
Full Album available on YouTube for free.

"Boulevard": King. B's hit single from his debut album "The Reign"


Connect with King. B:

Facebook: Kingbrapper
Twitter: brendan_hamel
Instagram: kingbrappermusic