The PuppyFace Mug is Here!

Today, Chugg Lyfe released the mugs for its popular PuppyFace collection. The mug features the PuppyFace logo with the simple quote "Love your PuppyFace" on the side. Similar to the ChuggMug, the PuppyFace Mug allows customers to pick the background and graphic color for the mug along with choosing from either the 11 oz or 15 oz size. 

You can view the PuppyFace Mug by clicking this link.

Chugg Lyfe is a brand that celebrates the everyday person in you. Inspired by man's best friend, Chugg Lyfe was designed to bring out your unique style while staying true to it's roots of fair business practices, the promotion of a better community, and the belief of equality for all. Chugg Lyfe is a subsidiary of TSOJL, LLC.

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