Chugg Lyfe Introduces Blogging

Standing on the promise of introducing new channels of communication, Juan Leach, president of TSOJL, has reveled that Chugg Lyfe will be adding a blog to the website.
This blog will feature articles that range from official company announcements, contest announcements, along with articles on Pet Care. 
Chugg Lyfe will officially post on Thursday of each week at 9:00 am EST. You can add the blog to your RSS feeds to be immediately notified of new postings. The Chugg Lyfe blog can be accessed via . 
Chugg Lyfe is a brand that celebrates the everyday person in you. Inspired by man's best friend, Chugg Lyfe was designed to bring out your unique style while staying true to it's roots of fair business practices, the promotion of a better community, and the belief of equality for all. Chugg Lyfe is a subsidiary of TSOJL, LLC.

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